Dopamine Cypher Vol. 2 – Believe In Me ft. J Swift

Here you go, the second installment of the Sunday meds series. Brought in our friend J Swift to sing a hook over this beat produced by Ace Adams, mastered by Moses Manuel. Get crunk with the Crunk Table!


Believe In Me – Artwork

It’s time for another Sunday Meds unveiling, tonight at 9:30. This time it’s “Believe In Me feat. J Swift”. Get ready to get crunk with the Crunk Table!

Sunday Meds

Sundays just got a lot more dope!  Let me introduce you to the Sunday Meds Series that we’ll be offering over the next couple weeks.  Mentioned in the last post, we’ll be dropping music every Sunday until the album comes out.  Some freestyles, some full songs, definitely keeping it interesting.


Last weekend’s Soul Punch was the first installment, followed by “Believe In Me” coming this weekend!

Dopamine Update 9/27/2012

How’s it going everyone?  Happy Yom Kippur to all of my Jewish friends and family out there, I hope the fasting went well.  I myself didn’t participate this year, but you know, my thoughts are with those that did.

This Blu & Exile – Below the Heavens album tends to stay on replay in my car.  It’s actually one of the only albums that I can do that with.  Not only is it an incredibly cohesive album, but his passion and writing style could inspire all sorts of up and coming rappers.  Mad respect for Blu.

Otherwise, the Dopamine Knights momentum continues to keep building and building!  Not only do we have another dosage of Sunday Meds for you this weekend, possible shows at Michigan State, Bowling Green, and Chicago loom in the near future.  Details will be provided as soon as more plans are set.

Remember to keep following Ace and I on facebook as well!

Monday Again?

Well that was a pretty productive weekend, if I say so myself.  Lots of stuff recorded, mixed, etc.  Lots of bad football though, wow.  However,  now it’s Monday again and it’s back to the same old grind and working hard for the next 5 days.  These weekends tend to just fly by.

Glad to hear all of the positive feedback about Dopamine Cypher Vol. 1 from you guys! We’ll keep posting up all sorts of freestyles, videos, snippets, singles, you name it, before Catchin Airwaves drops.  Also, we will be announcing the release date for the tape very soon, so keep those ears open.

PS.  We can talk about the Michigan game, but I guarantee I am not going to be very happy about it.

Also, check out Ace’s page for his view on things:

Weekend Update 9/22/2012

Gotta love that conscious rap:

I swear Wise Intelligent is one of the illest of all time when it comes to actually rapping important messages.

Anyways, how’s everyone’s weekend going?  Big Michigan Football game tonight against Notre Dame, hopefully it ends in exciting fashion like it usually does.


Got some recording done last night for my upcoming mixtape, The Ronzo Show. You Know my boy Ace and I stay in the studio at all times, so more recording will probably be happening this weekend.  As more of The Ronzo Show is recorded, I will keep you guys updated with what we’ve got coming along.  To hold you over, I’ll post some other freestyles and various tom foolery happening around the studio


So stay tuned and stay dope, with the Dopamine  Knights.