Looking Back

Workin Workin Workin

You better believe it, these Dopamine Knights just keep grindin. After “Spending Money” hit the interwebs last night, we’re already moving on to the next big Dopamine Knights project. More Sunday Meds releases on the way! Then to top it all off, we’ve got Catching Airwaves coming out December 1st! Ace and I actually were in the Duderstadt recording some absolutely awesome acoustic musicians. Great sounds for what’s one of my favorite tracks off the album (Can’t quite give the name yet, sorry. Relax! You’ll know soon enough).

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend. Unfortunately for myself, releasing music consistently prohibits me from going out, leading me to miss the party weekend that was. Dopamine will be hittin the town soon enough though, once we get all this music ish moving!

I’m really excited for my FIRST EVER solo release coming soon, “So It Was”. It’s a short song, a teaser for the upcoming “Ronzo Show”. Unfortunately due to technical issues, getting things together and such, the original release date of this week may or may not be a reality. It’s all recorded, but still unmixed and such. Expect to see it soon, and of course I will be keeping you guys updated the whole way there.

In Ace news, Above and Beyond is looking to be really dope. It’s awesome to see how much he has evolved since the Ace Adams EP. He’s found his signature sound, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it! The whole Crunk Table coming full circle over these next couple months. None of this would be possible without the fans out there. Thanks especially to all of you!

Also, here’s a Kendrick track for all you guys out there. This dude just released the best album so far of 2012, besides maybe Nas’ Life Is Good.


Spending Money

Happy Sunday yo. These weekends are stupid fast, I can’t believe the next edition of Sunday Meds is already here. This week, it’s the Dopamine Knights’ ode to spending money. Not the ballin kind of spending money, though. In fact, the exact opposite: spending it when you don’t have it.

I’m sure you guys can relate, right?

P.S. “So It Was” coming soon! Ronzo Show teaser track.

“So It Was” and “Spending Money”

This weekend we continue on with the Sunday Meds series. The offering this week is a song titled, “Spending Money”, where Ace and I talk about the perils of our spending habits. Hey, gotta live lavish right? Look for that this Sunday.

Also, as a special Ronzo release, Boullie and I have collabed for the first ever Ronzo release not produced by the Crunk Table camp! He’s got those bangin beats, and I chose one specially designed to rock your brain. It hits hard and fits perfectly with the Dopamine style.

Ronzo – So it Was (Produced by Boullie) will be exclusively released on Newgrounds.com! Be sure to check that out. It’s an exciting project, as well as a great chance to support multiple artists!

If you want to check out some other beats by Boullie, here’s his Newgrounds profile page:


Michigan Sports

So, it’s a little late on the update for the weekend that was Michigan Sports Showcase. Getting caught up in the grind. I did see all the games mentioned, though. The Wolverines put on a horrible performance, but won the game on its defense. The Tigers made it to the World Series, but after Game 1, it’s not looking too good. I was able to catch the very end of the Lions game, but it was an even worse performance, and I’m pretty much perfectly fine with missing it. Highlights are enough.

(However, that Suh hit on Cutler was amazing)

Here’s a breakdown of all the various games:

Michigan Football: Lets hear it for the Wolverines! Finally breaking the ridiculous four game winning streak State had against us. It was not pretty, but hey a W is a W. Denard looked absolutely inconsistent, but it was an improvement that he only turned the ball over once on a pretty unimportant end of the half play. The offense has really been frustrating over the past couple games, going back to Notre Dame. We have a lot of talent, but I’m starting to wonder how next season is going to be without Denard. Funchess looks promising, and Gardner does as well (as a receiver of course), but with no reliable quarterback their potential is not going to be used. I am, however, extremely happy that the defense is winning games for us. It’s a testament to what Greg Mattison has done with the program. Also, this win makes Brady Hoke victorious atleast once against all of our major rivals. Michigan coaching legend? Not yet. But hey, I’m happily supporting him.

Detroit Lions: Well, that was a pretty disappointing Monday Night Football performance. Kinda sums up my whole feeling of the team this season. Everyone has been underperforming EXCEPT the guy with the supposed “Madden curse”, Calvin Johnson. The dude has literally been almost carrying the team. Even with the late game heroics still going on, the team is playing at a whole different level than it was last year. Suh isn’t playing as dominantly as he was, Stafford is really inaccurate and out of sync (even with the huge numbers), and I’m totally lost on the coaching decisions. If we keep kicking only field goals for the majority of games I’m going to lose it. I thought this team was supposed to build after a promising playoff entry and a good record? What happened to the 6-0 team? What’s with this shaky start? I guess we won’t know until the season plays out, honestly.

However, even in the midst of all the bad things going on with the team, there are some good spots too. Mikel Leshoure is looking pretty good as a young player, a strong positive to a team that completely lacks a solid running game. Also, the late game heroics have lead to pretty exciting moments. That game in Philadelphia was crazy a couple weeks ago, as well as the miraculous catches made by the Lions to tie it up to go to overtime in Tennessee.

I haven’t lost faith in the Lions yet, though. I believe that they can turn this thing around a get a solid playoff birth. Division is looking tough though, with Green Bay, Minnesota, and Chicago all with fairly impressive records.

Detroit Tigers: I don’t really pay enough attention to baseball to give a full description of how I think the Tigers are playing. With that being said, I also am a fan of Tigers baseball. This playoff run is surprising to me to say the least, since the last time I paid attention to the team they were playing horribly. They moved through the first two rounds with ease, making beating the Yankees and A’s look as smooth as cutting cheesecake. San Francisco looks more formidable, though. Another Tigers run may end the same way it did back when they were in this position last time, back in 2006. Game 2 is a whole different story, though.


Here’s a quick Monday update.

Getting LOTS of love from Got Em Like, song is BANGIN. Can’t wait to perform that to people.

In other news, we now have a new release date for Catchin Airwaves! December 1st is the day to mark on your calendar.

After Catching Airwaves comes out, Ace Adams’ Above & Beyond is on the way next. Finally, to wrap up the music releases, The Ronzo Show will follow after.

All of these are really great projects, with really great focused material. Whereas the Sunday Meds are more free release tracks that Ace and I like to have fun over, our albums provide thought provoking deep material. Listening through each recently has made me really excited for everyone to hear them.

Michigan won as well, just as I expected. Good job, Wolverines, I can see the Rose Bowl on the horizon. Brady Hoke is one decorated and respected man in Ann Arbor if that happens, two bcs bowls in the first two years he’s at the school. Impressive to say the least, something that Rich Rodriguez could not come close to.

Can’t watch the Lions game, but I’ll throw up a post later reviewing all the sports of the weekend.

Stay crunk!

Dopamine Cypher Vol. 3 – Got Em Like

We’ve got em like “yeeaaaaahhh”

This week’s Sunday Meds is called “Got Em Like”. Ace and I flex some fast and slow freestyle bars over a bumpin horn beat that the man Ace made himself. With a little mixing from Moses as well, we have another dope track for everyone to hear.

Thanks for the support! Stay crunk with the crunk table.

Update: Here’s the artwork for Got Em Like! Props to Jeff Xu as always.

Aw Yeah!


Lets hear it for the Detroit Tigers! Absolutely owning the MLB right now. The Yankees looked ridiculous against them, hardly a competition. Today, Michigan is looking pretty subpar against State. They’re up 9-6, but after red zone failure after red zone failure I’m starting to doubt. Don’t worry though, we’ve still got it.

Excited for the Lions on Monday too, even though I’ll be working and miss the game.

Ace and I have been listening to our respective individual mixtapes, as well as the Dopamine Knights project. Let me tell you, it is some ill stuff! Finally time to show you guys what Ronzo is all about.

Honestly, it’s time to show you what the whole Crunk Table is all about. So much music to show you. In the meantime, though, we’ve got plenty of Sunday Meds tracks to show you.

This weekend it’s Got Em Like, a nice Dopamine jam. Hope you guys like it!

PS. Props on the Kendrick album dropping leaking. It’s a really good debut project.