Dopamine Weekend Announcement



Pretty relevant picture on how our weekend recording sessions look after they’re through.  Those Sunday Meds tracks keep rolling right along! I’m very excited for everyone to hear next week’s, I’m really digging the track already. 

Believe In Me ft. J Swift brought a record number of people over to the site to listen to the new music!  Thank you everyone for listening, and let’s hope that number keeps growing with each release!  Remember if you like the music, be sure to share it on your Facebook, site, Tumblr, Twitter, whatever you roll with.  Go ahead, show all those friends who know nothing about rap music.


In various other news, singles from Catchin Airwaves are coming October 13th!  We think you guys are gonna love these tracks, which is why they take a little extra time to be mixed.  Trying to make them sound extra crisp. 


The weekend after next will be Dopamine Weekend, where we’ll be finally posting one of those singles Saturday night, as well as a Sunday Meds track the next day!  This will be a big exciting weekend, so there will be more news and details provided along the way as we build up the hype for it.  As of yet, the album still does not have a definite release date, but is moving its way closer to being done.  In the meantime, we’ll keep hittin you with plenty of music.


PS. The Ronzo Show is moving along quite nicely.  Looks like you’ll be getting another project besides Catchin Airwaves and Above & Beyond pretty soon!


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