The Legend of…Dopamine Knights?

Here’s some of that dope underground shit for you to start your Tuesday. The Last Emperor is a talented underground artist who got dropped from existence once Rawkus Records did the same. He still makes music and opens for various acts, but because of the mix of poor publicity at Aftermath and the falling apart at Rawkus, the total magnitude of what he could’ve done was unfortunately started at the wrong time.

In my opinion, this guy is one of the best lyricists to happen to this new age of Hip-Hop. In a time saturated with artists who try to dumb down their lyrics and keep subject matter simple, The Last Emperor hits you with those intense classic 90’s rhyme schemes. His debut album (The Legend of Bigfoot) was released in 2000, probably the reason for his style. That Secret Wars Part 1 was impressive, where he made a whole song pinning rappers and famous comic book superheroes in battles.

Pretty impressive right? If you’re interested, check out The Legend of Bigfoot. A collection of raw spits over a bunch of classic boom bap records.

That whole era of Rawkus Records is one of the greatest eras in Hip-Hop in my opinion. Start of Blackstar and Eminem, classic RA The Rugged Man, The High & Mighty, the list goes on and on. Plus, who can forget those classic Soundbombing albums and Lyricist Lounge? Compare those records to G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer, and you’ll see what I mean.

In Dopamine Knights news, Ace and I wrote some bars last night for the Dopamine Weekend Sunday Meds track. Gonna be pretty good. Oh, and for the Catchin Airwaves single dropping that same weekend? I HIGHLY suggest playing it at your next party. It’s HYPE.

Word. Well, it’s time for me to get going, but remember to stay tuned, and stay crunk with the Crunk Table.

P.S. Are there any artists out there who would be interested in doing logos and cover art for the Crunk Table? We can work out the details if you are. Shoot me an e-mail (check out my about page), or leave a comment here.


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