Dopamine Weekend Schedule



Sorry about the delay of blog updates, I’ve had a crazy busy week.  However, this weekend is all about YOU, the fan!  We have a whole ton of music ready to show you guys, and we’ll be releasing it periodically throughout the weekend.  Plan accordingly, as we will be doing live updates the whole time! If you miss it (and that would be really unfortunate if you did), don’t worry the music will not be going anywhere because we’ll have it all over the internet.  Just so everyone stays up to date, here’s a schedule of all the happenings:


(Also, as a special treat for anyone attending the Crunk Table Crunk Sess on Saturday, we’ll most likely be performing Get Up for the partygoers!  The reason I say most likely is because I’m not sure how it’ll all work out, but don’t worry, we’ll figure out something.)

Friday, October 12th: A new beat from Moses Manuel

Saturday, October 13th:  Lead single, “Get Up” from Catching Airwaves

Sunday, October 14th: The 4th song in the Sunday Meds series, as well as a new Ace Adams beat snippet!


We’ll be updating everything constantly all weekend, so stay tuned.  This weekend is going to be huge.  I’m talking Manute Bol huge.

Oh, and here’s a little ear candy for your Thursday:


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