The Home Stretch

Sometimes these weeks seem so difficult. Especially all these back to back work shifts; it takes time away from doing what I love, making dope music for you guys!

Luckily, it’s almost Thursday and everything is about to be awesome. We have a ton of really great sports events (that is if you’re from Michigan), studio sessions on studio sessions, and especially the fact that it will finally be freedom.

Sunday Meds continues as well, with the next version of the Dopamine Cypher tracks! Also, I’m really excited for all of you guys to hear The Ronzo Show. A lot of it has been recorded so far, but more work of course needs to be done. Hopefully it’ll be out to you guys fairly soon!

On that note, it’s time for me to get a move on to go rehearse this Sunday Meds track. Go Blue, Go Lions, and Go Tigers! Woo!


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