Aw Yeah!


Lets hear it for the Detroit Tigers! Absolutely owning the MLB right now. The Yankees looked ridiculous against them, hardly a competition. Today, Michigan is looking pretty subpar against State. They’re up 9-6, but after red zone failure after red zone failure I’m starting to doubt. Don’t worry though, we’ve still got it.

Excited for the Lions on Monday too, even though I’ll be working and miss the game.

Ace and I have been listening to our respective individual mixtapes, as well as the Dopamine Knights project. Let me tell you, it is some ill stuff! Finally time to show you guys what Ronzo is all about.

Honestly, it’s time to show you what the whole Crunk Table is all about. So much music to show you. In the meantime, though, we’ve got plenty of Sunday Meds tracks to show you.

This weekend it’s Got Em Like, a nice Dopamine jam. Hope you guys like it!

PS. Props on the Kendrick album dropping leaking. It’s a really good debut project.


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