Here’s a quick Monday update.

Getting LOTS of love from Got Em Like, song is BANGIN. Can’t wait to perform that to people.

In other news, we now have a new release date for Catchin Airwaves! December 1st is the day to mark on your calendar.

After Catching Airwaves comes out, Ace Adams’ Above & Beyond is on the way next. Finally, to wrap up the music releases, The Ronzo Show will follow after.

All of these are really great projects, with really great focused material. Whereas the Sunday Meds are more free release tracks that Ace and I like to have fun over, our albums provide thought provoking deep material. Listening through each recently has made me really excited for everyone to hear them.

Michigan won as well, just as I expected. Good job, Wolverines, I can see the Rose Bowl on the horizon. Brady Hoke is one decorated and respected man in Ann Arbor if that happens, two bcs bowls in the first two years he’s at the school. Impressive to say the least, something that Rich Rodriguez could not come close to.

Can’t watch the Lions game, but I’ll throw up a post later reviewing all the sports of the weekend.

Stay crunk!


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