Michigan Sports

So, it’s a little late on the update for the weekend that was Michigan Sports Showcase. Getting caught up in the grind. I did see all the games mentioned, though. The Wolverines put on a horrible performance, but won the game on its defense. The Tigers made it to the World Series, but after Game 1, it’s not looking too good. I was able to catch the very end of the Lions game, but it was an even worse performance, and I’m pretty much perfectly fine with missing it. Highlights are enough.

(However, that Suh hit on Cutler was amazing)

Here’s a breakdown of all the various games:

Michigan Football: Lets hear it for the Wolverines! Finally breaking the ridiculous four game winning streak State had against us. It was not pretty, but hey a W is a W. Denard looked absolutely inconsistent, but it was an improvement that he only turned the ball over once on a pretty unimportant end of the half play. The offense has really been frustrating over the past couple games, going back to Notre Dame. We have a lot of talent, but I’m starting to wonder how next season is going to be without Denard. Funchess looks promising, and Gardner does as well (as a receiver of course), but with no reliable quarterback their potential is not going to be used. I am, however, extremely happy that the defense is winning games for us. It’s a testament to what Greg Mattison has done with the program. Also, this win makes Brady Hoke victorious atleast once against all of our major rivals. Michigan coaching legend? Not yet. But hey, I’m happily supporting him.

Detroit Lions: Well, that was a pretty disappointing Monday Night Football performance. Kinda sums up my whole feeling of the team this season. Everyone has been underperforming EXCEPT the guy with the supposed “Madden curse”, Calvin Johnson. The dude has literally been almost carrying the team. Even with the late game heroics still going on, the team is playing at a whole different level than it was last year. Suh isn’t playing as dominantly as he was, Stafford is really inaccurate and out of sync (even with the huge numbers), and I’m totally lost on the coaching decisions. If we keep kicking only field goals for the majority of games I’m going to lose it. I thought this team was supposed to build after a promising playoff entry and a good record? What happened to the 6-0 team? What’s with this shaky start? I guess we won’t know until the season plays out, honestly.

However, even in the midst of all the bad things going on with the team, there are some good spots too. Mikel Leshoure is looking pretty good as a young player, a strong positive to a team that completely lacks a solid running game. Also, the late game heroics have lead to pretty exciting moments. That game in Philadelphia was crazy a couple weeks ago, as well as the miraculous catches made by the Lions to tie it up to go to overtime in Tennessee.

I haven’t lost faith in the Lions yet, though. I believe that they can turn this thing around a get a solid playoff birth. Division is looking tough though, with Green Bay, Minnesota, and Chicago all with fairly impressive records.

Detroit Tigers: I don’t really pay enough attention to baseball to give a full description of how I think the Tigers are playing. With that being said, I also am a fan of Tigers baseball. This playoff run is surprising to me to say the least, since the last time I paid attention to the team they were playing horribly. They moved through the first two rounds with ease, making beating the Yankees and A’s look as smooth as cutting cheesecake. San Francisco looks more formidable, though. Another Tigers run may end the same way it did back when they were in this position last time, back in 2006. Game 2 is a whole different story, though.


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