Looking Back

Workin Workin Workin

You better believe it, these Dopamine Knights just keep grindin. After “Spending Money” hit the interwebs last night, we’re already moving on to the next big Dopamine Knights project. More Sunday Meds releases on the way! Then to top it all off, we’ve got Catching Airwaves coming out December 1st! Ace and I actually were in the Duderstadt recording some absolutely awesome acoustic musicians. Great sounds for what’s one of my favorite tracks off the album (Can’t quite give the name yet, sorry. Relax! You’ll know soon enough).

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend. Unfortunately for myself, releasing music consistently prohibits me from going out, leading me to miss the party weekend that was. Dopamine will be hittin the town soon enough though, once we get all this music ish moving!

I’m really excited for my FIRST EVER solo release coming soon, “So It Was”. It’s a short song, a teaser for the upcoming “Ronzo Show”. Unfortunately due to technical issues, getting things together and such, the original release date of this week may or may not be a reality. It’s all recorded, but still unmixed and such. Expect to see it soon, and of course I will be keeping you guys updated the whole way there.

In Ace news, Above and Beyond is looking to be really dope. It’s awesome to see how much he has evolved since the Ace Adams EP. He’s found his signature sound, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it! The whole Crunk Table coming full circle over these next couple months. None of this would be possible without the fans out there. Thanks especially to all of you!

Also, here’s a Kendrick track for all you guys out there. This dude just released the best album so far of 2012, besides maybe Nas’ Life Is Good.


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