Sunday Meds Tape

Now that Sunday Meds is officially over, we have a whole playlist available, ready to be heard by you!

A great way to see what we’ve been working on for these past couple months, on our way to becoming the improved artists we are today! We learned, grew, and honed our skills in quite a major fashion. In our eyes, this feat is only the beginning of what the Crunk Table has to offer! Peep the polished version of Sunday Meds that we will release in full project form very soon.

I hope you enjoyed being a part of it as much as we did!

Catching Airwaves December 1st. Stay dope!


Sunday Meds Conclusion: Symphony

Hellooo everyone.

Who’s ready for the final installment of Sunday Meds? You? Alright, here we go.

The masterpiece Dopamine Symphony is here for your ears. Showcasing a beat that Young Ace has been working on for quite some time, we used a pretty unusual structure for this one. 5 verses with no hook, nothing but showcased bars.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Even if Sunday Meds is coming to a close, The Crunk Table movement is only beginning. Catching Airwaves hitting you so soon, can’t even believe it.

Toast to that.

Update: Here’s the artwork for Dopamine Symphony! As usual, incredible work from Jeff Xu

Lyrical Breakdown

Good morning! Atleast for me it is. “Cy Young” is making steady rotation, feels good to have this much done of Sunday Meds already! The full tape we drop at the end of it is going to just be that much better.

Blah, more Monday. Worst day ever to exist. Everyone knows that Monday feeling… That just waking up out of bed, realizing it’s the beginning of a ridiculously long week feeling. Oh well, atleast Thanksgiving is coming up soon! My favorite holiday making this week incredibly short. How can it not be great? All you do is eat, watch football, and hang out. Not to mention, the leftovers are incredible.

Anyways, this week I wanted to switch up a little bit and do a breakdown of a song most of you heads out there know very well. It’s my favorite verse from Nas, a perfect intro to the whole idea of Illmatic, and Nas’ life in general. The lines are incredibly written, but what really stands out about the verse is how he places the rhyme schemes.

I woke up early on my born day, I’m twenty years of blessing
The essence of adolescent leaves my body now I’m fresh in
My physical frame is celebrated cause I made it
One quarter through life some God-ly like thing created
Got rhymes 365 days annual plus some
Load up the mic and bust one, cuss while I puffs from
my skull cause it’s pain in my brain vein money maintain
Don’t go against the grain simple and plain
When I was young at this I used to do my thing hard
Robbin foreigners take they wallets they jewels and rip they green cards
Dipped to the projects flashin my quick cash
and got my first piece of ass smokin blunts with hash
Now it’s all about cash in abundance, niggaz I used to run with
is rich or doin years in the hundreds
I switched my motto — instead of sayin fuck tomorrow
That buck that bought a bottle could’ve struck the lotto
Once I stood on the block, loose cracks produce stacks
I cooked up and cut small pieces to get my loot back
Time is Illmatic keep static like wool fabric
Pack a four-matic that crack your whole cabbage

Notice the way he switches between rhyme schemes. The first one he uses, he stops the rhyme in the middle of the sentence and let’s the rest of the sentence change the rhyme scheme.

Load up the mic and bust one, cuss while I puffs from
my skull cause it’s pain in my brain vein money maintain

This was a really new-age style of rhyming at this point, something that a lot of rappers used after listening to Illmatic. This style is frequently used by rappers such as Elzhi, at least around The Preface era.

The most important thing about this rhyme scheme is that it gives the lyricist a better grip on keeping his idea moving forward, but also constantly providing new rhyme possibilities. Basically, keeping the audience guessing as to what direction he will go next.

Got rhymes 365 days annual plus some
Load up the mic and bust one, cuss while I puffs from
my skull cause it’s pain in my brain vein money maintain
Don’t go against the grain simple and plain

So after he breaks the sentence in half, into two rhyme schemes, he then continues with the following rhyme scheme for the next two lines. All while providing multisyllabic rhymes along the way, something not done frequently at the time.

This is why a lot of people compared Nas to the God MC, Rakim. In early albums such as Paid in Full, Rakim can be seen doing the exact same technique. Once again, using specifically multisyllabic lines. Back in the 1980’s, this was even more unheard of.

Search for a nine to five, if I strive
Then maybe I’ll stay alive
So I walk up the street whistlin’ this
Feelin’ out of place ‘cuz, man, do I miss
A pen and a paper, a stereo, a tape of
Me and Eric B, and a nice big plate of
Fish, which is my favorite dish

The reason why Illmatic inspired future generations of rappers is the exact same reason why Rakim inspired Nas so much. The God MC simply paved the path for rappers like Nas to use this technique and flesh out stories and personal backgrounds.

Nas gives us a look into true street life, painting pictures so vivid that can be understood and relatable to anyone in any situation. His story of moving on from his past life of crimes to making rap music is quite a noble one, especially since he was only 18 when he made the record.

I switched my motto — instead of sayin fuck tomorrow
That buck that bought a bottle could’ve struck the lotto

This one is my favorite line on the album, because honestly it’s just great advice. Simple, but yet so powerful.

Stay dope, ladies and gentlemen.


Dopamine Cypher Vol. 4 – Cy Young

Another dope cypher cut from the Dopamine Knights! This time, it’s the second to last Dopamine Cypher, as well as Sunday Meds. It’s one of my favorites, if not my favorite of what we’ve released so far. Hope you feel the same way about it! Really put a lot into this one.

“Cy Young” is about dreaming of living the fast life: one full of diamonds, fast cars, and private jets. When it compares to our current life, it doesn’t seem so impressive. But hey, one can dream right?

Produced by Ace Adam, lyrics by the Dopamine Knights

Updates 11/18/12

Here’s an update from The Crunk Table before the new Sunday Meds track drops later tonight! This week it’s volume 4 of the Dopamine Cyphers we’ve been doing lately, “Cy Young”. Check that out later tonight!

As we move closer and closer to the release of Catching Airwaves (December 1st), Ace and I have continuously worked towards finishing up our solo projects. Still not sure when exactly those will drop, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated. We have teaser tracks for both albums on the way!

“So It Was” was the first of my teaser tracks. Two more will be on the way, including one absolutely raw posse cut with Ace, my dude The Froond, and Moses Manuel. Hope you enjoy that one, because I’m already loving the way it’s sounding. If you want to hear news about Ace’s teaser tracks, check out his page!

Anyways, time to go keep working on getting this music out to you later tonight!

Time Goes By

Here’s the eighth installment of Sunday Meds. This week, it’s “Time Goes By”.

Getting close to the end! Catching Airwaves remember is coming out December 1st. Be sure to mark that on your calendar.

Stay dope!

Also, if you missed it, here’s the link to my debut track, “So It Was”: