Monday Grooves

Grooves, get it?

So, how is everyone liking “Used Ta” so far? The only way to stay away from the cold weather is to think about summer times right? The freedom, the weather, the lifestyle. Man, lets hear it for summer 2013. Unless, you know, the whole 2012 thing happens.

Today I’m gonna give you guys a little taste of what I’ve been listening to lately. A little something for all of you to make it through these horrible things called Mondays.

Common Market – G’Dang Diggy:

Common Market is a dope group out of Seattle, Washington. For being out of a music scene that doesn’t have that rich of a hip hop history, RA Scion really kills it on the mic. Complex lyrical wordplay, flows, and politically charged subject matter really fills out his sound. Helps that he’s backed up by a skilled DJ named DJ Sabzi. Mad respect to Blue Scholars.

Sir Michael Rocks – GED feat. Tris J:

You just have to love Mikey’s swag on the mic. Plus, if you’re a fan of The Cool Kids, you love the original sound he brings. It’s nothing technically crazy, but that’s almost the beauty of it. The sounds and the feeling you get from it is great, and that’s the point of music after all. It might just be the stoned out sounds that Cardo makes, though.

Funkdoobiest – Rock On:

This one is for all the hip hop heads out there. Funkdoobiest, classic hip hop group out of LA. Their first two albums were produced by the legendary DJ Muggs, from Cypress Hill. Accordingly, the two group’s sounds are very similar. “Rock On” was the first song I heard by the group, a perfect boom bap summer jam.


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