Updates 11/18/12

Here’s an update from The Crunk Table before the new Sunday Meds track drops later tonight! This week it’s volume 4 of the Dopamine Cyphers we’ve been doing lately, “Cy Young”. Check that out later tonight!

As we move closer and closer to the release of Catching Airwaves (December 1st), Ace and I have continuously worked towards finishing up our solo projects. Still not sure when exactly those will drop, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated. We have teaser tracks for both albums on the way!

“So It Was” was the first of my teaser tracks. Two more will be on the way, including one absolutely raw posse cut with Ace, my dude The Froond, and Moses Manuel. Hope you enjoy that one, because I’m already loving the way it’s sounding. If you want to hear news about Ace’s teaser tracks, check out his page! http://www.aceadamsmusic.com

Anyways, time to go keep working on getting this music out to you later tonight!


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