Knights in the Building

The Knights are back, and already having a fantastic year.

Already had our first show! Thanks go out to everyone who was at the house party last weekend, on January 4th. All of us had a great time, and it was great to see everyone so excited and singing along to our jams. For those that didn’t get to attend, we’ll be having plenty of shows very soon! As equipment is accumulated, shows will be as well. Plenty of time to catch the Knights in concert!

As for videos, expect some shortly. Can’t give a definite date, but we do understand it is an important aspect of the music. Can’t give away too much, but you’ll definitely recognize the song in our first video. If you want to be involved in the filming, contact me. My information is located in the “About” page. We need people for it, so we’ll see what we can do if you’re interested.

On the music front, we’ll be releasing a song soon called “Dead Already”. It’s a raw freestyle to wipe the dust off from the past couple weeks of inactivity. Featuring a verse from each member of the crew, everyone definitely goes in. Get ready for that!

Well that’s all for now, but I’ll leave you with this nasty jam by Dom Kennedy that I’ve been listening to lately.


A Look Back/Forward

Dopamine KnightsThis past year was quite a fantastic year for us, and I’m excited for everything 2013 has to offer! But first, let me rehash a little bit of what happened in 2012.

2012 had the emergence of the Dopamine Knights, with both the Sunday Meds promo and Catching Airwaves. It was a great run, as ace and I really grew a lot musically. Also, it helps to have all of the amazing feedback we’ve gotten over the past couple months.

Special thanks to Jeff Xu for all of the amazing artwork he has provided, as well as more to come! Thanks also go out to Moses Manuel for his great work behind the boards. Special thanks to J Swift, as he made his first Knights contribution. Expect to hear many more tracks between the couple of us.

As for the upcoming year, a couple things have been planned so far. The Ronzo Show/Above & Beyond will be released as a double album on March 1st. Instead of solo albums, we decided that a Dopamine Knights project would be a little more exciting for you guys. Plus, you’ll have a ton of quality material to bump throughout the summer.

Until March 1st, we’ll be releasing plenty of music along the way. Videos and shows coming soon as well, more is being planned as the weeks roll by.

This is the Dopamine Knights’ year, I can feel it.

Stay dope!