One Remix to Rule Them All


I don’t usually do individual song updates, but this one here is seriously something special. Here’s what you get when you mix the hottest MC currently in the game with a living legend. Not only does Jay-Z give one of the most impressive verses I’ve heard from him in awhile, it begins to cement Kendrick’s future impact on the game.

Imagine how exciting it would be as an upcoming artist to get one of the most famous in your industry to write a verse for you. Personally, the best part about this remix is that it’s on the track “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe”. Of course, the song is a fan favorite off of the best album of 2012. Also, it is a song that began with Lady Gaga on the hook. The song does have a lot of publicity.

Even with this being true, it surprises me that Jay didn’t provide a verse for a remix of a radio hit. For example, “Swimming Pools (Drank)” (only reason I don’t say “Poetic Justice” is because Drake already has a feature verse). A remix on that song may signify a business deal between the two artists, providing the idea that it was set up for commercial purposes rather than artistic. This-as well as Jay-Z sounding like he’s actually trying to rap well-shows to me that these guys truly have a mutual respect for each other. It’s important when Jay-Z knows that his time in rap music is coming to an end, and passing the torch becomes necessary. Also, it’s important that he understands Kendrick is that next torch bearer.

Also, listen to Kendrick as he talks about how he feels about having this special verse from Jay-Z:

UPDATE: Check out this firsthand reaction from Kendrick himself after the first time he hears the Jay-Z verse. Priceless.


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