(Almost) June Release 1: Sir Michael Rocks – While You Wait

While You Wait

To start off this exciting month chock full of fantastic album/mixtape/EP releases, Sir Michael Rocks brings us While You Wait….

This project is appropriately named, as his debut album Banco should be appearing for our ears a couple months down the road. An exact date has apparently not been given out yet.

Ronzo’s Word: Anyone who knows me knows that I’m always anticipating a new Sir Michael Rocks joint. Being a huge Cool Kids fan, as well as a fan of Mikey’s lazy, swagged out flow, I always expect good material. Premier Politics disappointed me, however. It was a long mixtape that did not have enough fluidity. Withstanding a couple tracks, Mikey took the ignorant level a bit too high. On this project though, Mikey keeps the classic delivery and goofy lyrics (laugh-worthy indeed. “Hit it from the back like she trying to lose the hiccups”), the beats go hard yet remain innovative, and the fluidity of the short project is definitely noticeable. Besides a couple tracks (“Slip, Slide”, “T-Shirt & Panties”), this project is definitely a good sign of things to come for the much anticipated Banco. Features are part of what makes it strong, as Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, and the always reliable Tris J all contribute guest verses.

One of the things I really like is the chemistry between Mac Miller and Sir Michael Rocks. They both bring goofy and entertaining personalities to the mic, as shown in the stand-out track “Madness”. I hope to hear more from these guys, seeing as they’ve had past collaborations as well.

Also, you really can’t go wrong with a Cardo produced Mikey track.

Download: http://www.audiomack.com/album/2dbz/while-you-wait


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