Tuesday Grooves


Congratulations to Lebron James and the Miami Heat for making it out of the tough Eastern Conference Finals. Indiana sure gave them a run for the money. However, I don’t think anyone actually thought Miami wouldn’t win this series.

Here’s to an exciting NBA Finals between the Heat and Spurs starting this Thursday!

But anyway, here’s 3 new groovy tunes for your week.

Jay-Z feat. Notorious B.I.G. – Brooklyn’s Finest

Here’s a classic for all you Hip-Hop heads out there. With only two true collaborations between these two artists before Notorious B.I.G. passed away, it’s easy to think about what could’ve been if they kept the projects coming (different line-up for Watch the Throne possibly?). So many things about this track stick out in the annals of the genre. What could be better than two of the greatest MC’s of all time trading bars for a whole track? Especially since it has one of the very few lines by B.I.G. sent the way of Tupac Shakur.

“If Faith had twins she’d probably have two Pacs. Get it? Two – Pacs?”

The line defines a very important time in the sequences leading up to the killing of the legendary MC’s. Honestly, it’s a surprising line due to the quiet approach B.I.G. took to the East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry.

As for Jay-Z, this collaboration was a very huge bonus for building a reputation in Brooklyn, and the rest of the world for that matter. For how strong of a project Reasonable Doubt was, this song really took it to the next level. Any rapper able to stand up lyrically to B.I.G., for that matter, deserves plenty of props.

J. Cole – I Get Up

A classic inspirational cut from J. Cole, as well as my favorite song from the Fayetteville MC. The horn samples are boisterous and melodic, creating a sound that invites you to sing and dance as energetic and carefree as possible. Cole weaves a story of trying to make it through the hardships of life in one piece and coming out of the other end stronger than before. Even if that’s the general norm for most Hip-Hop radio songs, the way the lyrics are delivered and the story is delivered within, it has all the energy and emotion of a classic Hip-Hop track. It’s been in steady rotation with me for quite some time now, and it’s actually hard for me not to listen to it twice in a row once it comes on.

Here’s to hoping Born Sinner has all of this and more.

Rockie Fresh – Life Long ft. Rick Ross, Nipsey Hu$$le

One of the best first-listens to an artist in quite some time for me. I found Rockie Fresh on a late-night browse through the Hip-Hop “blogosphere”. Incredible track; Beat goes hard, has a very impressive Nipsey Hu$$le verse, as well as a whole lot of radio potential. The new artist on Maybach Music Group seems to have a very strong future.


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