Ronzo Grooves But So Does Froond

Ron has oh so graciously requested backup for dealing with you voracious readers, so I’m lending some expertise. First off, let me share what I’ve been grooving to/thinking a little too much about this week

1. Busdriver – Mr. Mistake (Bested By The Whisper Chasm)

Regan Farquhar is nothing if not versatile. He can be playful, he can be aggressive, but he is at his best when he’s bitter and fed up. See here. Busdriver‘s blistering flow is on display (a staple for the Project Blowed alum), but where he usually delivers it in a nasally sing song going up and down to punctuate punchlines, here he is in a deep baritone. He underscores the tone of the song, dark and self loathing but with plenty to go around. He’s mad at himself, he’s mad at hipsters, he’s just mad at the state of things in general. The beat keeps things laid back and smooth, giving Busdriver enough space to do whatever he wants. And even though his verbal olympiad might distract a first time listener (no one else is dropping lines like “With your flip full tuck and triple lutz into this icy brook”), tell me that you won’t be humming that hook for the next week.

2. JJ DOOM – Wash Your Hands

At any one time, there is a 50/50 chance that I’m thinking about the metal faced villain, DOOM. Last year, with collaboration from Atlanta’s Jneiro Jarel, hey dropped Keys To The Kuffs under the moniker of JJ DOOM. While a new moniker is par for the course for MF DOOM aka Daniel Dumile aka Viktor Vaughn etc, this wasn’t a stunt. The flavor of this album is just as much JJ‘s as it is DOOM‘s and it shows. JJ put forth plenty of spacey beats with drum machine kicks all over the place for the villain to get nasty on and this closing track wraps it all up under a obsessively clean bow. DOOM‘s known for a headfake or two, but he drops the pretense of a club banger in the first line.

“What I’ma tell ya what to do with ya hands for? Much less your dirty ass shoes on the dance floor”

Even though the beat begs for lyrics about bottles, models and a few herbs in the air, DOOM would like to take this time to talk to you about proper hygiene. Heavy subject but he keeps it light with lines like “I’m just sayin, wash ya hands fam/before you put your nasty thumbs in her underpants, damn!” Stay safe and clean, kids.

3. Run The Jewels (Killer Mike and El-P) – 36″ Chain

If you’re not pumped for the grand unification of hip hop styling that is Run The Jewels, I don’t what tell you besides “you’re wrong” and “listen to this”. El Producto‘s beat making is at its blippity bloopity best on this latest single, released on Williams Street’s Singles Project. Brag raps at their best, Killer Mike‘s laid back dirty south flow (so perfected it might as well be a registered trademark) drops punchline after punchline between blunt hits, but leaving enough meat on the bone for El-P to let you know what’s up, what’s really up. Don’t like it? Tough. As El proclaims: “Anyone object to the style gets a smile and backwards hand”. Keep an eye out for the free (FREE, SON) release from Fool’s Gold out soon. Not soon enough, personally.



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