How Many More Championships Will the Heat Win?

The Miami Heat are coming off of their second straight NBA title and third straight NBA Finals. When the Big 3 got together they brought high expectations of multiple titles but the question is how many more can they win. When you look at the Heat roster you see that they don’t have a lot of young talent and the core of the team is starting to age. Each of the Big 3 members are heading into their 10th season in the NBA next year. The average age of the members on the roster is 31 years old making them one of the oldest teams in the NBA. As we see when teams get older is the inability to stay healthy.

Wade’s knees are going against him and that isn’t going to help the Heat. If they want to win championships they need him to stay healthy. You saw what Miami could be when Wade plays like the old Wade but when he doesn’t this team is less imposing to opponents. And with other teams getting better the Heat need Dwayne Wade at his best.

Next year when Derrick Rose comes back from injury he will instantly make Chicago the biggest threat to the Heat. Also the Pacers who took Miami to a seven game series are going to get better as Paul George and Roy Hibbert continue to develop making them a serious threat. In the Western Conference you will have Westbrook coming back from injury making the Thunder championship contenders once again. There are many more teams that can contend with the Heat making the road to a championship much harder.


Derrick Rose sat out this season but will be ready for next year.

So how many more championships are the Heat going to win? In my opinion the Heat have one more championship run left in them. With the Eastern Conference getting stronger and the Heat getting older their championship window is diminishing.



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