Monday Grooves

Another weekend in the bag and I gotta say, the Ronzo’s Word team has been on point. Let me pop this champagne and pour it down a tower of glasses while you check out a few songs I’ve been devoting brain space to.

The Game feat. Swizz Beatz – Scream On ‘Em

I was never really into The Game, but Doctor’s Advocate is a fine rap album if there ever was one. While The Game has an unfortunate habit of imitating whoever is featured on the track (and even on a solo cut he might try to ape Dr. Dre), that’s not a problem on this cut. The excellent piano-hammerring, crowd-riling, drum-banging Swizz Beatz instrumental shines under some good old fashioned brag raps. Guns, blood, crack, and Bloods, The Game knows what works and what results is something to nod your head to while acting a hell of a lot harder than you are.

Earl Sweatshirt – WHOA

No apologies, I’m still bumping this sick as hell single from the no longer elusive Earl Sweatshirt. I’m waiting for his first proper release, Doris, like a kid who’s been promised a trip to the toy store for weeks and can barely contain his rabid mouth foam when he sees the Nerf guns on the shelf. Maybe I’m losing myself in the metphor, but damn if Earl doesn’t have the tightest flow in not only the OFWGKTA crew, but the entire class of young rappers coming up this decade. Sick synths and boom bap drums roll under lines promising to smack rappers with rackets you play tennis with while Tyler, the Creator serves up another one of a kind video. Can we all just take a second to appreciate that no one else is making videos like his?

Malibu Shark Attack – Internal Organs

Atlanta based rapper Tribe One aka The Dirty South Swamp Thing has teamed up with Ireland’s Rocky O’Reilly to form the fantastically named Malibu Shark Attack and I could not be more excited. Tribe has a flow characterized by sudden bursts of syllables and rhymes that you are guaranteed to wish you thought up (check out his anamanaGANGSTA EP where he keeps chiptune Anamanguchi beats in check) but he really shines when he can get a little emotional honesty mixed in. On this cut from their upcoming album he lets loose on the hurt that builds up in all of us, but frantically tries to rationalize it. Biologically, logically, desperately.

And it’s not a tragedy, it’s not magical, I have studied and researched this stuff/ You’re gone now and that’s natural, so I don’t know why it hurts this much

We’ve all been there, but Rocky O’Reilly‘s crooning outro and blaring horns leave you feeling like having been there has made you a better person.

– Froond


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