Netflix Suggestion: Just for Kicks


Boy, do I love sneakers. Nikes, Adidas, Pumas, Asics, you name it. I’m always on the lookout for the dopest pair. Unfortunately, the cost of all the different shoes I want is far too much for me to spend on a regular basis. I do what I can with what I have, but my collection is far from complete. With all of the new releases and retros making their way to stores across the world, though, I don’t think my collection will ever be complete.

This interesting documentary shows the detailed history of the rise of sneakers. Everything from Run DMC’s monumental association to Adidas, to the rise of Air Jordan is covered, and then some. The heavy sneaker collectors take the center spotlight in this one, showcasing their collections and sharing stories of how they got them.

Some of these guys take it to the next level with their sneaker collections. Copping multiple pairs of a shoe seems slightly unnecessary to me, but honestly, if I had enough money I couldn’t say that I wouldn’t do the same.

The sneaker world is a cool place to learn about, and watching this documentary is a huge step in doing just that. I think you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did, especially if you love sneakers like I do.



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