A Look Back: When Tupac Showed Up at Coachella

screaming tupac back

While it may not be too long of a time ago, this Coachella show may be something we remember for decades to come. It was the show featuring a Death Row reunion years in the making, with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre running the show. That is, until Tupac showed up. With hologram technology that hasn’t been used since, Pac was summoned to the stage just like that. While the guy in the hologram was just a body double, it was quite convincing (atleast from the video’s perspective) that Pac was there right in front of us.

Met with quite a bit of criticism, it still remains quite questionable of a practice. Is it disrespectful to a legend? Or just another way of honoring one of the best that Hip-Hop has ever had to offer? Guys like Suge Knight were upset with the performance of the body double, claiming that Pac would’ve “beaten up a guy like that”

While the hologram is questionable, the show still remains one of the most enjoyable to watch from the past couple years. Not only do we get a massive array of Dre and Snoop tracks, the show involved a lineup that hasn’t been seen since the Up in Smoke tour back in the day. Kurupt, Eminem and Warren G both make appearances, as well as Wiz Khalifa for a brief moment. There is also a Nate Dogg tribute.

If you have some time set aside and would like to see a great concert, this is a fantastic one to watch.



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