Monday Grooves

The day so many have waited for has finally come. The hip hop world has been turned on its head. That’s right, Froond is back with a few Monday Grooves. What’s that? New Jay-Z album? I don’t know what you mean, you’re speaking nonsense. Calm yourself down with a few cuts I’ve been enjoying

Kitty – Barbie Jeep (prod. Hot Sugar)

Kitty dropped the “Pryde” (and really, anyone with a lick of copyright savvy saw that one coming) but she’s still proud as ever. Feel free to kill me for that one, but she’s gone full tough girl swagger on this track. With some jungle drums and a shaky tambourine courtesy of Hot Sugar, she spins a classic tale of handsy dudes who think they’re in her league. As it turns out, Kitty is some kind of wizard and spits emasculating punchlines dripping with apathetic venom. As much as I love songs about male-gazing losers getting none, the beat is the real star of the show. This deserves to be a summer jam, make it yours.

Beastie Boys – Unite

First off, let me apologize for the fact that this video is actually the last five songs of (the classic) Hello Nasty. It’s not a bad problem to have, and really you ought to familiarize yourself with the record because it’s secretly the best thing the Beastie Boys ever put out. Luckily, the track I want to talk about starts the vid, so no scrubbing required, scrubs. On a b-boy ready beat, the whole crew drops positivity in between goofy punchlines and pleas for the Knicks to drive the lane. It’s inescapably cheesy (“we be kickin’ bass/all up in your face”), but it’s also a sincere party jam. Have a good time, quit thinking so much. Why this was never a hit single is beyond my pay grade, but it’s a classic to me.

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien – Corner Story

The days are getting hotter and that always makes me think of this song. It was built for days spent with your friends doing nothing of any importance. Del uses the indomitably groovy saxophone loop to paint a picture of heading to the corner store to pick up some beer and blunts. But it’s not all sunny days. He needs them to deal with what’s happened to his community, where people die needlessly, stores sell rotten food, and the rest of the nation just pretends it doesn’t happen. It’s perfect storytelling. He’s giving the listener something relatable in order to set them up to see things from his perspective. Del deserves every piece of legend status he’s given.



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