Lushlife – Magnolia (Video)


Happy Friday everyone! What a great day it is, especially after the fantastic Dopamine Knights video shoot that took place last night.  Doing your own music videos can really make you appreciate when you see a really well-made one. Combine that with an MC that can just plain spit, and you have a fantastic product ready for the world.  That is what you get with the video for “Magnolia” by rapper/producer Lushlife.  Check out the description behind this incredible video:

Every word to “Magnolia” (188) was handmade using cardboard (discarded from grocery stores), hot glue guns, and paint pens. Random people at over 65+ locations and a handful of friends were used as rappers throughout the video. The video was done completely practical (no CGI) and wound up costing a little under $80.

I’m honestly surprised this artist (and his incredible director LAMAR+NIK) didn’t pop up on my radar sooner.  Just goes to show how much new dope music there is out there for you to find. If you like what you hear, check out his LP Plateau Vision and spread the word.



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