What to Expect from Hall of Fame and Nothing Was the Same

big sean drakeOh, you thought that the Summer Album Supremacy season was over? August 27th  and September 17th are two more dates to watch out for.  Can Big Sean top the sales of his mentor’s Yeezus project? What about Drake; Can he make an album that impacts the world as much as Take Care did?

While September 17th isn’t exactly as much of a summer date as the others, Drake’s name itself is big enough to compete with any other big release coming out this year.  With so many fantastic projects having already dropped, it’ll be quite interesting to see where these two albums stack up among the contenders.  Here is what I expect from these two artists:

Big Sean – Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

In terms of features (Common, Nas, Kid CuDi, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne) and singles already released (tracks such as “Guap”, “Switch Up feat. Common“, and “Beware ft. Lil Wayne and Jhene Aiko ), Hall of Fame is shaping up to be quite the sophomore release.  Here is a tentative tracklist:

1. Fire

2. World is Ablaze

3. Switch Up (ft. Common)

4. Untitled (ft. Lil Wayne)

5. Fuck My Money Up (SAYITAINTONE)

6. M.I.L.F. (ft. Juicy J)

7. Nothing is Stopping You

8. First Chain (ft. Nas & Kid CuDi)

9. Sierra Leone

10. Ashley (ft. Miguel)

11. Untitled (ft. Kanye West)

12. All Figured Out

So what can we expect from this first look? Big Sean has already gone on Twitter to say that it wasn’t exactly the complete list.

Even that being the case, he did say it was close.  Nas has been on a standalone feature streak lately, and shows no signs of slowing down.  Hopefully this exciting collaboration will come to fruition as a classic song.  Also, the Kanye West feature seems to be a destined radio track, assuming that they haven’t already gone the experimental route that Kanye seems so fond of recently.  

However, even if they did go an experimental route, it’s hard to imagine Sean doing something like that well; atleast for now.  Expecting more than the classic swagger routine may not be an option at this point.  Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s really helped Big Sean grow into the star he is today.  The only thing is, as he moves along with his career, this style may become less and less accepted.  This next album is a chance for him to begin a style fitting for a versatile MC – keeping the party aspect, but maybe adding in deeper subject matter or more complex lyrical ability.  I’ve already talked a bit about what I expected from the MC back at the beginning of the year, and even though there’s been more news for the album since then, I still think that Big Sean has a lot to prove.  I believe in the Top 5 Detroit MC, though, and you should as well.


Drake – Nothing Was the Same

Drake - Nothing was the Same

At this point in Drake’s career, it’s hard to name more than 3 or 4 MC’s that are more popular.  Take Care sold 631,000 in its first week, short of only three other albums.  On top of that, 13 Grammy nominations (including 1 win) make him one of the most recognized Hip-Hop artists of all time at the annual awards show.

That sure seems like a whole lot to live up to in anticipation for his third studio album.  Numbers say that Drake will succeed in sales regardless of how poorly the album does critically.  Along with the 631,000 that Take Care sold in the first week, Thank Me Later did a close 447,000 sales in the same amount of time.  People love Drake, and history shows it.  While no official tracklist has been released yet, his dad supposedly leaked a fake one:

Nothing Was the Same tracklist

This “leaked tracklist” has since been confirmed as a fake.  The real one remains under wraps, as well as the majority of the features.  Knowing the internet, the real one should surface before the album drops in September.  By then, we should already know what direction Drake is going in.

In the meantime, it’s tough to argue with Drake’s formula.  It seems to work whether you like it or not, and Nothing Was the Same is seemingly headed for the same direction.

Sit tight folks, we’ve still got a lot of summer in front of us.





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