Monday Grooves


After a brief hiatus, Monday Grooves is back and kicking harder than ever! This week we’ve got three new jams to get you through your week.

UGK – International Player’s Anthem ft. Outkast

A true classic to the very core.

This All-Star Southern Hip-Hop lineup is one of the most beautiful collaborations seen in the genre to this day.  The lush horn lines and soul samples fit perfectly with the kicking Southern 808 drums.  Very uncharacteristic production stylings from Prince Paul and Juicy J,  of Three 6 Mafia fame.  The song is one of the major standouts from UGK’s Underground Kingz album (another being “Candy”), and also one of the last great songs that Outkast did together as a duo.  On top of that, it was one of the last high points of Pimp C’s life, who unfortunate died later that same year.

The video has appearances from all sorts of famous guest, and also won the 2008 BET Best Hip-Hop Video award.

Scienze – Charlie Brown ft. Blu

Scienze’s latest project, Ella, really hit home for me as a solid must-listen.  Following a great concept of the rise and fall of a relationship, he nails the mood with ease.  This track is slightly off the main topic, but still remains a perfect fit.

What also makes the album a must-listen, though, is how talented of a lyricist Scienze is.  His intricate rhythm changes catch the listener off guard.  He bounces flows around, yet still maintains control of the sound.  His verse, mixed with Blu’s equally intricate syllables, ride perfectly over the smooth EOM groove.

The High & Mighty – Mind, Soul, and Body

Moses Manuel put me on to The High & Mighty way back in the day, and this song has always been the first choice to put in playlists. Homefield Advantage is a fantastic gritty 90’s Hip-Hop album from the Rawkus Records Soundbombing favorites, and this track the clear standout (even over an impressive showing from Eminem on “The Last Hit”).

Not much fanfare has been made over the years for The High & Mighty, as their debut on Rawkus was the only one that attained any sort of major success.  Definitely one of the more slept-on groups in that period.



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