Monday Grooves


Sorry for the lack of recent updates, been caught up with recent Dopamine Knights promotion, as well as other various things.  Expect a lot to come very soon though! Ronzo’s Word continues to grow and improve each day.

With that said, here is the newest edition of Monday Grooves.  I’ve been diving deeper into some Hip-Hop tracks I’m less familiar with, so I’ll be sharing some of those with you today.


Evidence – Well Runs Dry ft. Krondon

Dilated Peoples are well-known throughout the underground Hip-Hop community, and have been for quite some time.  Their innovative production and styles have gone on to influence many artists after them. DJ Babu can stake a claim as one of the great DJ’s of Hip-Hop history, as well as their close collaborator The Alchemist.

While both lyricists (Rakaa, Evidence) are exceptionally talented MC’s, Evidence has always been the standout.  The California-based MC has a very laid-back flow with an unchanging yet highly entertaining delivery.  He is always mixing hilarious lyrics with creative rhyme schemes.

This song in particular is my favorite off of his most recent Cats & Dogs LP, a very well-made sophomore solo album.  An under-the-radar production crew, Sid Roams, produced a headbanger perfect for Evidence’s smooth style.


Little Brother – Say It Again

While I’ve been a Little Brother fan for quite some time now, I’ve always seemed to neglect their album The Minstrel Show.  However, after a recent listen through far removed from the first time I heard it, I simply cannot keep it out of rotation.  Besides the Elzhi-assisted track “Hiding Place”, “Say it Again” is my favorite.  It’s hard to pick one, though, as the whole album is simply fantastic.

The beat bounces horns along with a classic 9th Wonder soul sample from The Five Special.  Through the many years Little Brother have been together, the production has never failed to amaze.

Phonte is one of the original inspiration for the classic “every-man” rapper persona.  His intelligent and relatable lyricism has always been one of the most important aspects of the group.  His R&B stylings is just as impressive, shining on many Little Brother hooks, as well as with his group The Foreign ExchangeRapper Big Pooh is also an entertaining MC in his own right, featuring a relentless flow and personality for days.



The Left – The Melody

I’ve been following The Left and Apollo Brown for awhile now, but it was great to rediscover their album Gas Mask.

In the past couple years, Apollo Brown has stood out amongst many other Detroit producers.  His sample chopping style is some of the most impressive in all of Hip-Hop, and the majority of projects he’s been involved in have turned out successful.  The beats remain cohesive, and the lyrics remain meaningful.

Gas Mask is an incredible project, and “The Melody” is one of the main standouts.



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