The Best Kendrick Response Tracks (So Far)


As expected, the responses have already poured in from a handful of artists.  While none of the responses have been from the artists mentioned (besides interview responses from Wale and Meek Mill), we still have some pretty good music from recognizable artists.

Some names have been thrown into the foray in order to be placed among the list of contenders for the King of New York title.  Joell Ortiz, Astro, and Cassidy have all submitted tracks for the running, and a lot more is to be expected.

Others, such as Lupe Fiasco, now have a chance to do their own critiques of the rap game in song form.  The floodgates have been open for anyone to speak their mind, and now is as good of a chance as ever.

Some of the artists mentioned may take the high road and not respond, whether it’s because of a busy schedule or just simply because they don’t see the need to.  Big K.R.I.T. actually took the shout out as an opportunity for advertisement, a chance for fans who may not have heard his music before to now listen.  Probably an indication of him not making a direct response track.

We’ll have to wait and see if we hear from more artists, or if the whole thing is over.  Personally, I would love to see  J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, or Meek Mill respond.  My guess is that we’ll hear from at least one of them.

Well anyways, here’s my favorite response tracks as of today:

Astro – KONY

One of the newcomers to the New York hip-hop scene, as well as a rapper I’ve been keeping an eye on for awhile now, was one of the first to respond to “Control”.  Astro has been impressing rap heads with his groovy and effortless flow.  Coming here with a more direct shot at Kendrick, he really puts together a nice response track.  Clever lines such as “Saying that you king of the state? That’s time wasted/You kicked harder lines on Miguel collaborations” really help him get his point across.  Hey, why not compete for the title? The championship is up for grabs at this point.

Joell Ortiz – Outta Control

Joell Ortiz is another name in the running for King of New York, and also one of the better lyricists out there that didn’t get mentioned in Kendrick’s verse.  Yaowa really goes in on this one, aiming for Kendrick, the industry, and whack rappers all at one time.  Being very eager to respond and claim KONY, Joell was actually the first one with a response.

During the verse, he mentions the fact that neither him or his crew Slaughterhouse were on the list.  He actually says Kendrick paid him respects in person at one point, reasoning that maybe that’s why he left their names out of the verse.

Either way, Joell Ortiz really gave a great performance, and it’s arguably the best response so far.  However, the only detractor is that he did it over the original “Control” instrumental.  Enough to dethrone Kendrick, though? Not so much.

(This is why we need the big name guys to step up)

LOS – Control (Freestyle)

LOS, a lesser-known, newer MC signed to Bad Boy Records, sent a firing squad armed with lyrical bazookas at Kendrick Lamar.  While no direct shots are taken, LOS really took advantage of the spotlight and came with his best lyrical performance.  The flow switch-up and and vocabulary is definitely enough for the young rapper to gain a couple new fans in the process.



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