Quick Update 8/20/13



While the Hip-Hop world for the past week have been marveling at the lyricism of Kendrick Lamar, there are many great tracks dropping left and right, especially within the past couple days.

Kendrick isn’t the only one making noise in the Black Hippy crew; Schoolboy Q is building hype for his upcoming album Oxymoron.  He’s even considering this upcoming project to be some of the best music he’s made so far.

Wiz Khalifa is making music again after a brief but unusual hiatus from the rap game.  This partially because of his recent wedding with Amber Rose, who actually just posted quite an interesting video.  

Check out the latest from Wiz, with smoked out raps over a classic Sledgren beat in preparation for his Blacc Hollywood project.

A new Curren$y track with Harry Fraud just surfaced recently, “Audio Dope 4”.  The combination which is quickly becoming a match made in heaven, are back at it again.  The two have very similar laid-back styles, and certainly know how to bring the correct vibe to any smoker’s circle.

Check out audio here: Big Sean ft. Nas & Kid Cudi

And of course, the man who made the song that’s been on everyone’s mind, is back again with another song boasting impressive features.  Hall of Fame has really been up and down in it’s preview, but we’ll see what it has to offer soon enough.



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