King I Divine – Reign Showers



While I mainly stick to the pen and pad, the production side of things can intrigue me just as much.  There have been countless great producers throughout history, bringing different innovations and styles to sounds.

This new group of up-and-coming producers stay true to history, leaving their own marks.  Some producers (such as Mike Will Made It, T-Minus) stay true to innovating radio sound, while others stay true to working with an underground/retro style sound (Apollo Browm, Cardo, Damu the Fudgemunk).  King I Divine tends to fit into the second lane more often with his style of beats, setting an example for other producers.

Using his trusty sampler while chilling in picture-perfect Panama, King I Divine gives us a demonstration of his work on “Reign Showers”.  The track is the title track off of his instrumental album Reign Showers.

ALSO: Now a bit old, his collaborative with Scienze, Divine Scienze, is quite ill.



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