Sunday G-Funk #8: Funkdoobiest – Brothas Doobie

funkdoobiest brothas doobie


While Funkdoobiest may not be a huge or widely recognized Hip-Hop artists associated with the classic G-Funk movement, their styles and flows were new and different.  Their relaxed and easy-going personalities penetrated the underground and brought a different perspective to how the West Coast sound should be interpreted.  In fact, their song “Rock On” is one of my favorite tracks (shouts to the homie Moses Manuel), and a previous Monday Grooves pick.

Their sound mainly resembles another classic West Coast Hip-Hop group, Cypress Hill.  This is understandable of course, as the great DJ Muggs served as one of the innovators and mentors to the group.  His production covers this entire album, as well as their first project, Which Doobie U B?



Long live Son Doobie and his quirky raps about how he “likes his sex X-rated like he likes his funk”, or his interlude telling a bartender he’s “dummin” because the drinks are too pricey.  Funkdoobiest, with their  humor and easy-going styles, should always be remembered for creating their own niche in Hip-Hop history.



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