Sunday G-Funk #7: Jay Rock – Follow Me Home

Jay Rock - Follow Me Home


While being lost in the middle of the wave of football that is the beginning of fall, here’s another way you can spend your Sunday; with some laid-back G-Funk sound (especially if you had a bad Fantasy Football week like I did).

This week, I bring to you one of the torchbearers of West Coast Hip-Hop, Jay Rock (of recent “Money Tree” feature verse fame).  While he may not be the biggest name in the Black Hippy crew, he does have a claim as being one of the first members of Top Dawg, as well as a major influence for Kendrick, Q, Soul, and himself to form their group.  His album Follow Me Home, released with the help of Strange Music, featured everything you could want from a classic West Coast album.  Big feature names are littered throughout, including Tech N9ne, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and more.  Plus, the production has a new-age traditional feel, with beats from top notch producers such as, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and Tha Bizness.  

Black Hippy Involvement

The most impressive aspect of the album has to do with the unity of the Black Hippy crew.  In a time where the other members were still in a rising phase with no major releases, this project served as a stepping stone for the group’s advancement as a whole.

Not only do all the members step into the booth for the posse cut (and one of very few Black Hippy tracks), “Say Wassup”, each artist’s adlib vocals are scattered throughout the album.  Kendrick’s hook on “They Be On It”, Schoolboy Q providing one line on “Bout That”, Ab-Soul on “No Joke”, the list goes on and on.  The cohesiveness is highly apparent, and Follow Me Home is the closest thing to a Black Hippy album released as of yet.

(Similar methods are used on the more recent “The Heart Pt. 3”, by Kendrick Lamar, with features from Jay Rock and Ab-Soul)

The Singles

While Jay Rock himself declared that the album is “strictly for the ghetto”, it still has its share of catchy radio-worthy singles.  Songs like “No Joke” and “Westside ft. Chris Brown” have infectious hooks, while “Hood Gone Love It ft. Kendrick Lamar” hosts the most impressive feature verse of the whole album.

Follow Me Home serves as an incredible start for Jay Rock, and the buzz will only continue to grow as Black Hippy increases in popularity.  Here’s to the leaders of the new generation.



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