Logic – Two Kings ft. King Chip

Logic Two Kings

I just can’t help but root for these two up-and-coming artists to make great records.  I originally heard Chip’s name and music while I was at school in Bowling Green, Ohio.  His rise alongside Kid Cudi represented the new state of Cleveland Hip-Hop.   I’ve been a fan of King Chip (formerly Chip da Ripper) since I heard his feature on “T.G.I.F.”, a classic banger that showcased the Cleveland MC’s’ ability.

As for Logic, he was introduced to me a little later on, in 2011.  His precise flow and intelligent lyricism caught my eye, reminding me of some old-school AZ.  Being from Maryland makes him a potential flagbearer for the whole state, as well, something that could be easily accomplished if he follows the right path.

Both artists join forces this time around, for the track “Two Kings”.  The beat is handled by C-Sick, and provides the perfect backdrop for the ill double-time flows.  The track was made while the artists are on tour with Kid Cudi, and remains a freebie.




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