Monday Grooves


After a brief hiatus, Monday Grooves is finally back at it! This time around, the rap game is currently being headlined by the usual suspect, Drake.  Nothing Was the Same’s release has been a major contributor to this, heavily boosting his feature counts for the time being.  “Versace” and the eerily similar to “I’m on One” banger, “No New Friends” (similarity probably due to DJ Khaled’s doing).  The album is arguably one of the best of the year, and has been in rotation across speakers all over the country.

This time around on Monday Grooves, I’ll be showing you some of the newer releases.  Lots of good music this summer, and it should only get better as there are many more albums to expect.

Dizzy Wright – Still Movin

I’m quite pleased for how well Dizzy Wright is repping Michigan Hip-Hop.  His style is less like label-mate Hopsin, being more conscious and party-oriented.  On this track in particular, he shares take on the popular grinding anthem theme you’ve heard in abundance lately.  While the subject matter may not be the most original, the hook is catchy and it shows Dizzy’s versatility in making different styles of Hip-Hop. Take a track like “World Peace” off his recent The Golden Age mixtape for example, which has an entirely different feel.

Dizzy Wright so far is paving the way for his Funk Volume brethren, with catchy music and recognizable talent.  With Hopsin’s Knock Madness on the way, the label has a chance to be competing for the top come 2014.

Nipsey Hussle – Checc Me Out ft. Dom Kennedy & Cobb Supreme

Among the new-age West Coast rappers , Dom Kennedy and Nipsey Hussle are among the leading names.  Both have highly anticipated projects dropping within a week of each other next month, and the new music could set the tone going forward.  Get Home Safely is the highly anticipated debut album from Dom, and Crenshaw will be Nipsey’s first major mixtape release since The Marathon in 2010.

“Checc Me Out” is perfect for the relaxed vibes of any smoke session or cruise in the car.  G-Funk has evolved for the new era of Hip-Hop, and these guys are welcoming it in graciously.

Drake – Too Much

Let’s face it.  Drake has the music industry’s full attention once again.  Except the difference this time is his music sounds matured and well-rounded.  Nothing Was the Same is a perfectly cohesive album, with ambient beats symbolizing the musical and life progression he’s had in his rise to fame. ( I feel like the idea here is quite similar to what J. Cole has on Born Sinner, except a bit further along.  I expect J. Cole to make something similar down the line.)

This track is one of my favorites off the album, an especially deep cut that has Drake spilling his feelings for his past lovers and family members, giving advice to them.  What I like is how the raw emotion of the lyrics really show that he cares about the stories he’s telling.



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