Dom Kennedy – Get Home Safely (Preview)

dom doing it big

With about a week away from the October 15th release date of Get Home Safely, Dom Kennedy and rap fans alike can hardly contain their excitement.  The long and winding road through mixtape after mixtape finally feels fulfilled with this official label release.

From various singles released in anticipation of the album, the feel seems very much similar to his older music.  That is not a bad thing by any means, as he has truly carved out a very unique style.  He knows what he’s got, and he knows exactly how to use it.

“Dominic” has been my favorite out of the couple songs released in anticipation for GHS.  Other songs released include “South Central Love” and “Erica Pt. 1” (which has a sequel on the album).  Smooth production is always at the forefront of Dom’s music, with sunny day grooves that sound heavily influenced by Old-School West Coast artists. The interesting part of his sound comes from the fact that he uses this influence for his sound, but then puts a twist on it.  Some of the songs on From the Westside with Love would fit just as perfectly with Snoop, Kurupt, or Xzibit in their prime.

The music promotes relaxation and peaceful vibes, perfect for warm weather.  His October release is strange in the grand scheme of things, as the majority of his older mixtapes have served as Summer soundtracks.  The album was originally scheduled for August, and was then delayed to October after a brief hiatus from the West Coast rapper.

Whether it was because of technical difficulties, or business maneuvers, or just simply taking a page out of Dr. Dre’s book to build anticipation, the album is now a week away and ready to be released to the fans who have been waiting for so long.  Along with the recent Nipsey Hussle Crenshaw mixtape release, and Problem’s rise to the mainstream, West Coast gangster rap is back on the scene.  Be sure to check out Get Home Safely next week.

get home safely tracklist

P.S. – Check out this Get Home Safely documentary, where Dom shows you around Leimert Park and explains the origin of his album.



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