Nas Returns to His Roots

nasty nasTwo of the biggest pillars in East Coast Hip-Hop.  “NY State of Mind”, “Represent”, “Nas is Like”, all classic tracks.  Illmatic still holds up as one of the greatest albums of all time, a heavily Premier produced project.  The list goes on and on.

While I know I’m slightly late to talking about the release of this interview, I cannot help but salivate at the news of this deadly combination.  Nas fans across the world have been waiting for this full-length collaboration to happen.  Word is, in a recent DJ Premier interview at A3C Festival, WM40A was told of a new untitled collaboration between the two artists.

What do I expect? With something of this much magnitude, expectations are certainly high.  Everyone will be expecting a second coming of Illmatic.  They want the old Gang Starr signature scratches mixed with Nas‘ maze of complex rhyme schemes.

While the music will always be good when these two get together, the sound will most likely be something a little more new-age.  With that being said,  you’ll still get the classic boom bap drums and scratches you’re used to. Premier holds it down just as well as he always has.  Nas seems to be still on his game too, with Life is Good impressing many fans and critics.  The major difference will be the time between the original project (Illmatic), and this new untitled one.

Both artists will be approaching this album with perspectives of accomplished and successful musical careers.  Illmatic was the beginning of Nas’, and in the budding stages of DJ Premier’s  (Gang Starr already had a name, and a very important one at that, but neither Guru or Premier were at legend status yet).  His music back then involved a hunger that Nas doesn’t have anymore.  As an OG and frequently mentioned Top 5 Rapper of all time, the approach is obviously going to be different.

Now even though all of this may be true, I don’t think we should automatically assume that it won’t be what we’re expecting it to be.  Like I said, both artists are at the top of their game (Nas is clearly in the zone in two releases in two years) still, and are very relevant in the Hip-Hop community.  Let the hype train begin.  Once the release date hits the internet, the world will be waiting.



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