Casey Veggies & Rockie Fresh – Fresh Veggies (Preview)



Two of my favorite up-and-coming MCs, as well as some of the frontrunners in a movement I like to call “teen swag”, are teaming up to release a new joint venture on December 16th.  With both of these guys in full momentum, and judging off of previous collaborative work, this really should be a fantastic project.  It’s definitely one that I’m excited for, so here’s a breakdown of what to expect.  Here’s 3 things I’m going to be looking for with this new  project:


1. What type of styles should we expect?

When these two first started collabing, BARS on BARS were the main focus.  “Duckin n Dodgin'” is an ill track, full of back and forth punchlines and dope rhymes.  Since then, both have regressed into a style that flaunts style over talent.  I’m not saying in any way that this is better or worse for them, as I have enjoyed their style change, but a little lyricism wouldn’t hurt anybody.

You can’t really blame them for that, as their most recent rise to stardom can be most closely attributed to their style change.  Many rappers at the top of the foodchain are making a whole lot of money based on simple styles and swagged out appearances.  Both have the capability to make as many songs as they’d like similar to “Duckin n Dodgin”, but will they? My guess is we’ll get a couple.


2. Interested in hearing deeper subject matter

Anyone on MMG, Rockie Fresh included, simply do not have a knack for making songs that make them look vulnerable or like an average person.  With the exception of one of their newer members, Stalley, they perfer to write about the rich life.  Stories of money and success. Honestly, though, what else can you expect from a group run by a guy who constantly calls himself “Boss”?

That style fits MMG perfectly, and will always fit just right.  Rockie Fresh has surely been inspired by this, making songs such as “Panera Bread” and “God is Great”.  While both are certified jams, they don’t quite fit into the category of “super deep” subject matter.

Casey Veggies has actually been on a similar trajectory.  His songs are mostly about living on the west coast, popping bottles and dating actresses, things of that nature.

I definitely get it.  You’re young, you’re famous, you’re clearly going to be spending a lot of time living it up.  What I’d like to see on Fresh Veggies, though, is maybe a track that has a little bit more introspection.  A look back on troubles they’ve had in their past life, or philosophical thoughs, etc. etc.  I think it would do them some good; possibly giving them a chance to stretch out their catalogues a bit.


3. Singles, Singles, Singles

Both of these artists are so very, very close to achieving status at the upper-echelon of Hip-Hop.  The one thing they’re missing is the radio-ready single that takes them over the top.  Their rise through the blogosphere and the underground has taken them very far, but they’re still one step away.

Will this album have the single that takes them the extra mile? Maybe.  Their newest cut, “Celebrating Life” has the potential, and should definitely catch a lot of attention, but I don’t think it’s the one.  Having a top song on the charts would do both of them really well, but judging from the free download status of this album, it probably won’t be from this project.  Expect something later on though, on their next solo outings.


Either way, these guys are some to look out for.  Getting to know them now before the rest of the world does should be perfect for the inner hipster in you.  Be sure to download Fresh Veggies when it drops December 16th.



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