A Look Back: The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By



Summer is long gone.  There’s no overload of snow yet, but the temperature is starting to read around the 5 degree range.  Once that starts happening, you know it’s winter for sure.  I find the cold air refreshing; at least for a short amount of time.

Speaking of summer though, this throwback Pharcyde track has always been one that reminds me of the good times of summer.  The song is about not being able to talk to women they admire from a distance, so it’s not really about summer weather.  For some reason, no matter the weather or subject matter, the vibe of certain tracks just breathe the essence of summertime.  This is one of them.

That could partially be because The Pharcyde reside in Los Angeles, where good weather is prevalent all year.  The warm rays tend to seep into the melodies of West Coast rappers.

Either way, it’s cold outside, and summer tracks are the perfect escape.  You know I’ll be playing it. Bizarre Ride and the self-titled Sublime album should be in rotation for awhile.



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