Kid Cudi – Satellite Flight

kid cudi satellite flight

I was definitely not the only one pretty disappointed with Indicud.  I had high hopes for it  back around this time last year, too.  It’s funny, back then I said the same thing about Man on the Moon II.

So, even if my anticipation is slightly restrained for his next project (that he just recently announced) Satellite Flight: Journey to Mother Moon, I enjoyed his latest track, “Satellite Flight”.  The beat is smooth and spacey, with ebbs and flows from string patterns throughout.

Enjoy.  Let’s hope he keeps it up, and strays away from the strange songs of Indicud.

(also, it would be dope to hear some straight rap cuts on this new album… As a big fan of Man on the Moon I and A Kid Named Cudi, it would be a nice surprise)



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