Audio Push – Turn Down (Video)

audio push

One of my favorite artists on the rise in 2013 just made visuals for one of my favorite tracks off their mixtape, Come as You Are.

“Turn Down” is a song that represents everything chill.  As they say, it’s the perfect music for Monday-Friday.  Through a clever flip of the popular phrase “Turn up”, Audio Push explains the daily mindset of the average working citizen.

Turn down for what? Turn down cause you tired.

I’m really digging this group, as I said in my previous article about them, and I’m hoping to see a vibrant 2014.  Debut album, anyone?



Dopamine Knights Update 1/31/2014


Hey there everyone, I’m slightly behind on posting the Dopamine Knights’ Sunday Meds 2 releases, so here’s a post to catch all of you fans up.

The past two weeks have provided some pretty dope releases, setting up the grand stage for the final 3 tracks of the project.  First up, Ace and I go back and forth with sixteens, playing with words and giving insight into our daily lives on the track, “Check the Resume”.  It’s got some bounce to it, so prepare for the head-nodding that’s bound to happen.

For the latest release, we get a little bit goofy.  I’m sure all of you stoners can relate to our newest track, going by the name of “Munchie Run”.  It’s a song that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of imminent “smash attack” on the way to a convenience store during a hazy night chiefing with the homies.  We had a lot of fun with it, so we hope you will too.

That’s all for right now.  Like I said before, though, be on the lookout for the next 3 weeks.  Sunday Meds 2 will be coming to a close as we move on to the next pojects.  Stay dope, ladies and gentlemen.


Mobb Deep – Taking You Off Here

mobb deep taking you off here

New Mobb Deep album? What, what, WHAT?

Coming this April, The Infamous Mobb Deep will be a new album full of scrapped tracks, with previously unreleased verses from Nas, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon.  These 10 extra tracks were recorded during The Infamous sessions, and were not chosen to make the final cut for one of their most famous (and one of my favorite) albums.

This is all part of a 20th anniversary celebration of the original release, an extremely special treat for Mobb Deep fans everywhere.  Here’s one of the cuts from the April release, called “Taking You Off Here”.

In addition to this awesome project, Prodigy and Havoc are already on a tour that began in January.  The Infamous Mobb Deep Tour will be continuing all the way until May, so be sure to check the dates and order tickets ASAP.


Step Brothers – Lord Steppington (Album Stream)

step brothers lord steppington

The brain trust of Step Brothers, Alchemist and Evidence, have a relationship that goes back quite a long ways.  Alc worked with Evidence’s former group Dilated Peoples for quite some time.  His beats are stamped all over two of arguably the best albums of the group’s discography (The Platform and Expansion Team).  Making hits like “The Platform”, and “Worst Comes to Worst” (along with many others) made Alchemist an obvious choice to work with when Ev started his solo career.  The Weatherman and Cats & Dogs are two fantastic Evidence outings that continue the trend of  showcasing Alc’s bangers.

Alchemist has been working with many various artists the past couple years, including Curren$y and Prodigy.  It’s nice to see him go back to his roots though, as there is no artist better fitted for Alchemist beats than Evidence.  That smooth West Coast delivery is perfect for Alc’s crazy stumbling drum patterns.

Also, Alchemist holds down the mic for the majority of the project.  Pretty interesting, as I can’t say I’ve ever heard him rap before.

Overall, this is an incredibly solid project that features two Underground Hip-Hop legends.  You can cop it at iTunes and Amazon, but for now stream it here at Soundcloud:

UPDATE: Looks like Step Brothers took down Lord Steppington from Soundcloud, so be sure to support the group on iTunes or Amazon!



Mykestro – Set Precedent (LA Mix) ft. Kendrick Lamar



Boy, do I love straight rap tracks.  Nothing but bars, please.  The catchy hooks, deep subject matter, and delivery is definitely important, but it’s almost always refreshing to hear an MC just plain go in.  Not to mention, when you get a Kendrick Lamar feature, you better make sure you get those bars up.  After all, you don’t want to get “Controlled”

This description of Mykestro is pretty accurate:

His name is Mykestro, and his rhymes come together -something like a superglued jenga set.

That’s right in the description of the song here on Soundcloud, and the proof is in the pudding.  Over a funky beat produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow, perfect for that bounce, both MCs trade dope verses.  This one’s perfect if you’re into lyricism as much as I am.

Be sure to check out the Set Precedent EP.




Dopamine Knights – Steve Smith



Sunday Meds 2 continues to move forward, as each track gets more dope as the weeks go by.  This time around, we made a song that represents mic athleticism all wrapped up in sports metaphors.  Steve Smith is the influence, as his memorable quote to Aqib Talib, “ice up bitch”, is chanted during the hook.

Perfect timing, as the NFL Playoffs are moving along to the Conference Championships.  Unfortunately for Steve’s team, the Panthers, their special season is coming to a close after a loss to the 49ers in the Divisional Round.  Enjoy the track, regardless, because it goes in.


Netflix Suggestion: Reincarnated featuring Snoop Dogg


When the news broke that Snoop Dogg was changing his name to Snoop Lion in order to make reggae music, the move was met with a lot of perceived skeptical stares.  Snoopy D-O Double G is known to almost any average American citizen as a Hip-Hop musician, a music figure that has been around since the beginning of the genre.  At least, it feels like that.

However, looking at the other side of it, Snoop has accomplished everything he could have ever dreamed of during his time as a Hip-Hop artist.  He has all the right in the world to venture into new music paths.  Plus, Snoop has always seemed like he would fit the role of Rastafari quite well.

This documentary explores his visit to Jamaica, as they tour across the land gaining inspiration and learning about the history of reggae music.  They speak to living legends such as Damiam Marley, Bunny Wailer, as well as other Jamaican citizens throughout.  Recording with Diplo, smoking unbelievable amounts of weed, and enjoying the lush scenery of Jamaica all add up to one amazing trip.

Going in to the movie, I was thinking it would be less than exciting.  Kind of like a cheesy documentary VH1 “Behind the Music” style.  I was wrong, as the film turned out to be a fantastic story and culture lesson.  Jamaica looks truly breathtaking.  Check it out on a lazy Sunday sometime.