Happy 2014!



Here we are on New Year’s Day, the day infamously known for being full of long hangovers and great college football.  I’m surely enjoying it so far (even though I’m nursing a hangover), and I hope the rest of you are as well!

I got into a conversation with a friend last night, discussing the feeling of introspection that I usually get this time of year.  Thinking about the various things that happened in the past year, mixed with the expectations based around the clean slate opportunity that the new year gives you.  I think of it as almost like a soul-cleansing experience (if that makes any sense).  While I can’t say I’ll stick to a resolution I make, I can say that it’s time to make moves and create opportunities for myself, and move forward in life.  Get your hustle on, make this next year your greatest.

Anyways, here’s my favorite song from 2013.  It was a tough decision, but this Dom Kennedy track goes hard.  The perfect song for the grinding mindset.

All in all, have a great New Year’s Day, ladies and gentlemen.  All the best to you, your family, and friends.



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