Jay Shells is a True Hip-Hop Head

jay shell's sign


Famous Hip-Hop locations, whether based on the genre’s origin, or mentioned in famous songs have always intrigued me. For example, I’ve always wanted to visit Sedgwick to see the birthplace of Hip-Hop.  The famous artists rapping those lyrics always made those places seem unreal.  That’s partially because of me not being near any of the famous locations, mostly in Hip-Hop meccas like New York and Los Angeles.  Not saying Detroit doesn’t have it’s own famous Hip-Hop landmarks, though.  Conant Gardens was made immortal through the lyrics of Slum Village.

Another thing that made the places so distant was because of the major success the artists were getting.  People often forget that celebrities are normal people, with backgrounds similar to the next man.  The lights and cameras almost make them seem ethereal; like they aren’t normal.

Regardless, the songs are timeless, with these intersections immortalized in the annals of Hip-Hop history.  An artist named Jay Shells is posting lyrics mentioning these famous intersections, in the form of metal red signs.  It’s a fantastic idea, and the mark of a true Hip-Hop enthusiast. Too bad they’ll probably get stolen or wrecked. Mad respect Jay Shells, keep being creative.

Here he is in L.A. posting the signs.

And here’s his original stop, in New York City



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