Netflix Suggestion: Reincarnated featuring Snoop Dogg


When the news broke that Snoop Dogg was changing his name to Snoop Lion in order to make reggae music, the move was met with a lot of perceived skeptical stares.  Snoopy D-O Double G is known to almost any average American citizen as a Hip-Hop musician, a music figure that has been around since the beginning of the genre.  At least, it feels like that.

However, looking at the other side of it, Snoop has accomplished everything he could have ever dreamed of during his time as a Hip-Hop artist.  He has all the right in the world to venture into new music paths.  Plus, Snoop has always seemed like he would fit the role of Rastafari quite well.

This documentary explores his visit to Jamaica, as they tour across the land gaining inspiration and learning about the history of reggae music.  They speak to living legends such as Damiam Marley, Bunny Wailer, as well as other Jamaican citizens throughout.  Recording with Diplo, smoking unbelievable amounts of weed, and enjoying the lush scenery of Jamaica all add up to one amazing trip.

Going in to the movie, I was thinking it would be less than exciting.  Kind of like a cheesy documentary VH1 “Behind the Music” style.  I was wrong, as the film turned out to be a fantastic story and culture lesson.  Jamaica looks truly breathtaking.  Check it out on a lazy Sunday sometime.



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