Oops, Totally Slept on These


It’s tough to listen to everything artists put out these days.  Between listening to the latest mixtape from an artist on the rise, and listening to the next big hit album from a rapper that everyone knows, there are plenty of projects that slip through the cracks.  That’s why all of these top projects of 2013 lists from us bloggers are helpful for everyone.  If I missed something for whatever reason, I can see what the opinions of my fellow Hip-Hop heads are, and hear some new music.

I’ve been browsing through these various tapes I’ve missed, and found quite a lot of good ones.  Here are 3 that I’ve listened to and enjoyed most recently.

OverDoz. – BOOM


OverDoz. reminds me of a new-age Pharcyde.  The beats and lyrics are quirky and innovative enough without taking away from the complexity and depth of the rhymes.  Plus, there’s all sorts of dope production from THC, The Futuristics, and Iman Omari.

It can only help when you have super entertaining viral videos as one of the main weapons of advertisement.  Blunn!t Films has done the group justice in providing them with super dope visuals.  If you like “Lauren London” here, be sure to check out “Pasadena”, “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girlfriend ft. Skeme”, and “Growin Pains” as well.  With all these dope videos, OverDoz. is flexing their creativity and is sure to impress even the average rap listener.

Check out BOOM, and if you like that, come back around for their previous release Live For, Die For.  Watch for this group to be making moves in 2014, especially as they move up the West Coast totem pole.

Flatbush Zombies – BetterOFFDead


If OverDoz is quirky, these guys are straight bizarre.  The best kind of bizzare, though.  Original is good.  Plus, along with the rest of bEASTCOAST, they’re bringing back East Coast Rap.  Creating a musical identity for a place that’s needed one for quite some time.

BetterOFFDead is one of the better releases of 2013, a tape you should definitely get your hands on.

Nipsey Hussle – Crenshaw



To be completely fair, I knew about this one the whole time.  I never got around to listening to it, due to a.) forgetting about it, or, b.) too busy playing or replaying other albums.  It’s nothing but a must listen, however, as I recently got around to listening to it.

I’ve known about Neighborhood Nip for quite some time now, paying attention since The Marathon dropped a couple years back.  This year was a hyped year for him, as well as close buddy Dom Kennedy, for big projects to hit shelves.  I loved Dom’s Get Home Safely, so it was only natural that Nipsey Hussle would pick up the slack right behind him.  Crenshaw dropped right around the same time, beefing up the already stacked lineup of West Coast Hip-Hop in 2013.  It dropped, and made quite an impact at that.  His $100 per mixtape marketing scheme stood out (in a time of constantly evolving marketing strategies) among others, creating much buzz surrounding the project.  The price tag was put there simply off confidence for the quality of music, in order to generate conversation.  Good work.  It’s exciting to see what he can do in 2014.

“Checc Me Out” is my favorite banger off Crenshaw, coincidentally a song that features Dom Kennedy.  The mixtape is a great listen, perfect for a smoke session or cruising in the car.



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