Step Brothers – Lord Steppington (Album Stream)

step brothers lord steppington

The brain trust of Step Brothers, Alchemist and Evidence, have a relationship that goes back quite a long ways.  Alc worked with Evidence’s former group Dilated Peoples for quite some time.  His beats are stamped all over two of arguably the best albums of the group’s discography (The Platform and Expansion Team).  Making hits like “The Platform”, and “Worst Comes to Worst” (along with many others) made Alchemist an obvious choice to work with when Ev started his solo career.  The Weatherman and Cats & Dogs are two fantastic Evidence outings that continue the trend of  showcasing Alc’s bangers.

Alchemist has been working with many various artists the past couple years, including Curren$y and Prodigy.  It’s nice to see him go back to his roots though, as there is no artist better fitted for Alchemist beats than Evidence.  That smooth West Coast delivery is perfect for Alc’s crazy stumbling drum patterns.

Also, Alchemist holds down the mic for the majority of the project.  Pretty interesting, as I can’t say I’ve ever heard him rap before.

Overall, this is an incredibly solid project that features two Underground Hip-Hop legends.  You can cop it at iTunes and Amazon, but for now stream it here at Soundcloud:

UPDATE: Looks like Step Brothers took down Lord Steppington from Soundcloud, so be sure to support the group on iTunes or Amazon!




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