Dopamine Knights Update 1/31/2014


Hey there everyone, I’m slightly behind on posting the Dopamine Knights’ Sunday Meds 2 releases, so here’s a post to catch all of you fans up.

The past two weeks have provided some pretty dope releases, setting up the grand stage for the final 3 tracks of the project.  First up, Ace and I go back and forth with sixteens, playing with words and giving insight into our daily lives on the track, “Check the Resume”.  It’s got some bounce to it, so prepare for the head-nodding that’s bound to happen.

For the latest release, we get a little bit goofy.  I’m sure all of you stoners can relate to our newest track, going by the name of “Munchie Run”.  It’s a song that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of imminent “smash attack” on the way to a convenience store during a hazy night chiefing with the homies.  We had a lot of fun with it, so we hope you will too.

That’s all for right now.  Like I said before, though, be on the lookout for the next 3 weeks.  Sunday Meds 2 will be coming to a close as we move on to the next pojects.  Stay dope, ladies and gentlemen.



Dopamine Knights – Special Cask (Keep the Flow Going) ft. Froond/Sunday Meds 2 Update


DopamineMore new music from us! Here’s the latest track, “Special Cask (Keep the Flow Going) ft. Froond”.  It’s a bit more playful this time around, dope bars back and forth.  We even brought Froond along for the ride!

If you haven’t heard, we’ve been doing Sunday Meds 2, where we release new music every week! If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s all of the tracks we’ve done so far.


Dopamine Knights – Back Home


Everyone has their own crazy college story.  Whether it involves drinking and drug-abusing or not, it’s most likely completely hilarious.  This one just so happens to involve all sorts of classic college party-style debauchery.  The story is based on a true one, but in some cases slightly exaggerated.  Let me give you guys a little bit of a backstory:

I used to attend Bowling Green State University for Undergraduate, and due to certain circumstances I dropped out before I could finish my degree.  During the time I was there, many of my friends visited me to partake in the various party scenes that I knew of.  Very memorable stories were produced on all occasions, and this song is a culmination of all of them.

So here’s to those college years.  Raise one up, light one up, whatever you prefer.


Back at It

Dopamine Knights

Finally the moment you guys have all been waiting for, the release of Sunday Meds 2.  Here is the first song, “Back at It”, returning the Knights right back to where we left off.

As usual, we’ll be releasing new music every week right in time for all of your debauchery and wild weekend activities.  The fun is only just beginning! Check out “Back at It” right here:

P.S.- Artwork coming very soon!


Knights Update 10/18/13

Ahh feels good to be back on the grind.  Sure does.

A big thank you to everyone who made it out to The Crofoot a couple weeks ago.  The whole night was a blast, and that venue is surely quite dope.  I come bearing good news for all of you that didn’t make it out though, as we have another show coming November 23rd.  More information will be provided as the days go by, but for now, mark it on the calendar and get your ticket ASAP! The destination is Romeo, MI at the High Octane Lounge.  Hope to see you guys all there.

There are also plenty of other things currently going on at the Crunk Table, lemme break some of it down for you.

Sunday Meds 2

The fan favorite Sunday Meds is coming back for a second dose.  Expect a lot more from this one, as we’re taking it to the next level.  While still staying true to a new song release every week, videos, more shows, and fully comprehensive coverage will all take part in taking this thing to the next level.  Trust me you won’t want to miss this one.

Youtube Videos

The newest addition to our repertoire are the videos on Youtube we’ve been putting up steadily.  “Ronny P”, “Get Up”, and “Words Don’t Matter” have already been added, with many more to come.

These aren’t official music videos of course, those will also be coming shortly.

Above & Beyond, The Ronzo Show

Above & Beyond has been out for a little bit, so it should’ve already made it to your playlist by now.  But for all of you still not in the know, this project bangs.  Take another listen right here:

The Ronzo Show is coming soon (within a coupe weeks type of soon), and a single from it will be coming even sooner.